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A writing warm up: a meditation on Friday evening

A dear friend, a new soul-brother, who I recognised from the moment he first commented on a screenplay of mine in class last year, invited me out with his group of friends, and old group that he's known since high school. This is what happened.

There was connection. I search for this so readily in my life. I feel I've had glimpses and heard tales of these moments of time which happen among groups of people, not just between two people. Between two people is almost easier, but to find a group of people, a whole handful, willing, able, desirous, of connection - with an outsider even, who was me that Friday night - this is a rare thing. This is a gift from God, this will cut you open like a diamond.

It could be worthy of eye rolling if I were to say what I perceive, and believe the truth to have been about Friday night, but I'll write it anyway: it was love. Those people loved themselves, and those people loved each other, and they treated those around them with the same. In love there is suspension of judgement. Judgement pinches the consciousness so tightly closed that there is room for nothing else. You are cut off, you are drained, you are fed with nothing.

There was seeking. This is another key element. These people were artists, scientists, free-stylers, students, lovers, and they were all SEEKING, in their own ways. I sat and talked for a long time with a man who'd just returned from spending two and a half years in Ghana, living with a small tribe, the only white guy for miles, performing medical and educational services for the people. He was fascinating, because he was fascinated, because he knew how much he did not know. That vast realm of understanding that had not yet been trecked, excavated, carefully unraveled and then restored was what was exposed to him, given like a gift it seemed, it all became so clear. We don't know dick.

Bobbing the iceberg. He - we'll call him W - told me that the function of psychedelic drugs is to bob the iceberg that is your brain. The mind, or better yet your consciousness, is like an iceberg in that what we can access is merely the fraction which pokes above the surface. The rest of our consciousness is below the water, innacessible, incomprehensible, unless we bob it. Some bob it with acid, mushrooms, peyeote. Those of us unable, or unwilling to take drugs can bob it in other - and far more difficult - ways. Breathing, he told me, is the key. Humans do not know how to breath.

My goal in life, above all else is to bob the iceberg.

Then we tore up the floor to Kanye West's Goldigger. I feel so fortunate, and so incredibly greatful for Friday night, it has been so long since I've felt the magic of the world. And that magic is accessible, real, nearly tangible, created by those moments between loving people.
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