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Writing Warm Up

Alright so
here is where I am, I am totally trying to be here NOW. BE HERE NOW. Los Angeles is energetic, even at five thirty in the morning I could still feel people going, like people go in their sleep, or they have already awoken and are GOING. I can see the Hollywood sign from my neighbourhood, just a short trot around the corner and there it is, looming, spectral in the hills. The hills are pale green and dusty, everything here is dusty, as opposed to it's opposite, which is wet, which is what I left behind.

The body becomes looser in Los Angeles, because of the heat, you feel like you've done Bikram without doing Bikram, not that I know because I've never done Bikram, but I could if I wanted, right here in my living room. The people are nice, though the atmosphere is urgent, and more aggressive than in Canada. The people will stop their mercedeses to let you cross the street, they will smile at you. But it is hot, and there are lots of them, so you can't expect too much. While the muscles may remain loose here the mental energy ricochets off your own sphere and you can't help but take it in.

The flora is amazing. Each block of my neighbourhood is covered with the most exotic blossoms I have ever seen. Trees filled with fragile purple petals that spiral to the ground. Right on my sidewalk are these tall rusty, red stalks that blossom at the top with generous orange folds; water falls of petal so bright I can't bear to look on them at certain times of day. And in the afternoons the sun filters through a canopy of tiny fuscia flowers casting a pink glow over my kitchen.

I live in the Curson Lodge, where all apartments face inwards onto a little walk way. I don't see the street, so it's like being in my own little town. It was built by set builders in the thirties, or maybe earlier, so it's done as an old movie set, faux-tudor style lodges, think old England. There's a court yard at the back enclosed by more apartments where my neighbours sit out on their patios and share dinner. Everyone knows everyone else's business here. It's impossible not to, what with the echos and people's strong opinions. We've got giant ferns and and enormous jade plant out front. There are prayer flags in the back. Which was comforting.

I live close to all the main streets. Sunset. Santa Monica. Melrose. Hollywood Blvd. They are all just streets.

And there are palm trees, disproportionate and shaggy and suspended in the sky.
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