bellanova (nova21) wrote,

at the end-beginning

And here I am, at the end of a week where I can say, I WORKED HARD, about to meet my mum for drinks and burgers at a pub on the way home; the snowy way home. From the top floor of my (office) building the human eye penetrates the fog only so far. On clear days I feel as though I can see straight up to the tundra, but when it snows, Ohhhhh when it snows, the Peace Tower and the library, all the old buildings on parliament hill, seem spectral, haunted. I must remember to look out the window more often. People scoff at working in an office building, but do they not realise how wonderful it can be to appreciate SUCH A VIEW?

The plan is to meet up with my, literal, home-girls, tomorrow night, to catch the film we saw being mixed in LA. Reconnection and continued connection are important things. There is no need to explain myself to these girls (or women rather), it is ok to share moments of silence, there is no demand, only a history of caring, and bickering, and crying and travelling and playing music, and falling in love. THANK YOU FOR BEING IN MY LIFE YOU GUYS!

Mmmmmmm hamburger, is all I have to say right now (thoug minus the bun of course as we are now GLUTEN, CAFFEIN, POULTRY, DAIRY, AND SUGAR (OF ANY KIND INCLUDING CANE, HONEY, SYRUP ETC) FREEEEEEEE. You know, that's something I thought I could never really acheive, but for me, and my self, it is worth it. Though I have been really really craving yogen fruz...when it is time to cave, yogen fruz and I have A DATE.

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