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why so often

Suddenly I feel the need to update more often, why? I don't know. This is possibly related to the fact that I am writing my final paper for school. Though, I am heading, as are many people, for a time of change and transition
(but we're changing every day!) says my head
Yes. But not in such a tangible way. The arena of change is external this time, it's accompanied by new titles and locations and relationsips. The relationships will be the most interesting, to watch them stretch over this change. There are people whose presences I will miss. Like sharing a blackberry bush with my best-goddess-friend/next door neighbour, Sitia. Remember how last summer we would meet under the blackberry bush and just stand there eating them and trying not squish them as we picked them off the branches?


My friend and downstairs neighbour just gave me a free Kundalini lesson. She's training to become a teacher.

I'm making food. Steamed veggies, brown rice, miso gravy, mmmmmm with grated beets and maybe carrot juice if I feel like cleaning my juicer. Also, rented "Born Into Brothels", which I've been meaning to watch since it fist came out. I love documentary films, especially the Adventure Diva series, anyone interested in some awesome woman power socially aware and super inspirational films should google Adventure Divas. They're based out of Seattle, yay Seattle. I seriously think that helping the cause of women around the world might play an important role in my life. My ideas on service, humanitarianism and activism are radically changing, I used to have so many prejudices around it that are very very quickly dissolving, especially with thanks to my girlfriend's best soul sister Simmi, or one m, don't remember, who writes one of the most inspirational online journals I've ever read.

Anyway, to be of service, this is something to contemplate, or maybe not contemplate and just plunge right into.

Also, summer reading list time, wait, not summer reading list, but end of school reading list! Woah. So far, it goes as follows:

Veronica, by Mary Gaitskill
Bad Behaviour, by Mary Gaitskill
None to Accompany Me, by Nadine Gordimer
Possession, by AS Byatt
Disgrace, by JM Coetzee
The Prophet, by Khalil Gibran, or anything ever written by Khalil Gibran
Culture and Imperialism, by Edward W. Said
The Idiot, by Milan Kundera
Beginning Postcolonialism, by John McLeod
The Master and Margarita (again) by Mikhail Bulgakov

There are no Canadians in there, I'm so ashamed, alas these are the books that have been stacking up around my house, except for The Idiot which I just threw in there as a good idea. I wonder how long it will honestly take me to live up to this list, and by live up to it, I mean actually do it justice by not only barreling through, but by really understanding what the authors are trying to say about the world.

Excellent. On to the broccoli!
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