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I feel as though it's been a while since I gave a decent update on my life, which is what this little tool is supposed to be for.

Last night was my going away party. A modest affair...with the usual party weirdness. It didn't feel so much like a farewell, as I'm still here and will see many people again before I leave. We ate absolutely un-nourishing food and imbibed large quantities of wine. Before the party my girlfriend came over from the Island for the day to visit, which was really wonderful. And we ran into my TEACHER, MY GERMAN ROCK STAR TEACHER. She was buying compost for her garden. I was so glad that someone in my life has met her and can attest to her character and its uniqueness. I can barely describe this woman, but she's had such a profound affect on the way I think of myself as a woman, an artist, a potential mother and a scholar. This woman, my teacher, managed to balance all three aspects (motherhood, artistry, academia) clearly not all at once, but within the course of her lifetime. She equates the acts of teaching and performance, which is obvious in her classroom; she's giving a performance every day. She has a fascinating accent and her delivery of information is just stunning, how she gesticulates, how she speaks. You should see her waving her hands up there with her half German half English accent.

Anyway, a role model like I've never had. The Parents are coming today as I convocate on Wednesday. I have a great dress, and the Man will also be here and we'll go out to dinner and pack up the rest of my house, and then on Friday the Man will pull that truck out from the curb and out of Van.

I went camping with a girlfriend last week, Denman Island and Hornby Island, the Northern Gulf Islands. We hitchhiked the entire time, as it's the only way to get around in these tiny tiny remote communitites. After a hike on the bluffs we hitched a ride with a woman in her late forties and her elderly mother. Of course, we made small talk and so she was asking what we planned to do next. I said I was moving to Los Angeles. Her response to this was "I'm so sorry." I'm starting to find this amusing, I've gotta get down there and see what all this apologising is really about. I've so far only visited.

The camping itself was an unbelievable experience. Hornby Island is fucking incredible. The people honestly glow, I'm not kidding. There's a permanent community of about 1000 people on this Island. We got to see the community in action one night because there was a blues festival going on on the island so we attended one of the public concerts at the Fire Hall. I could not tell whose child was whose, because all the adults were treating the young children as if they were their own. The children were not afraid to speak to any of the adults. The teenagers and the elderly people were interacting like friends. Everyone looked so healthy, incredible skin, great hair, and they just moved and sat with such comfort. Everyone knew everyone else. It struck me most in the young kids who were so self posessed. I remember being afraid of adults, especially in situations when I was outnumbered. Not these kids. And the most amazing thing was just the conversations that people would start up with you. The people would offer information without you ever having to prompt them.

It was incredible. I had mega mega culture shock coming back to the city after only three days.

Hopefully I'll go out on a run today. See mama and papa. Read some more of my book. Maybe I should work too? That would be smart. I have to read a whole bunch of literature for my course in August.


Rock on.

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