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I am now twenty-three, and suddenly I feel that YES I am an adult, I am capable of making my way in the form-filled part of the world: mostly what I mean by this is the job part, an aspect of life that I try not to dwell too much on, as ultimately, it's not the WHAT but the HOW.

since the eve of my birthday (when I was up till 4 AM with the muses rocking out around lucky am I?) I have suddenly been inspired to do things, whereas, for the past five months something in me has been telling me to stay very very still, and very very quiet, I couldn't even write, was anxious at the thought of putting words together because there came a point when they all sounded the same. But now the fire has returned. Will 23 be the year of fire? Like the painter has her periods (hah hah, she's a fertile one)...ahem...while the artist has periods when they explore related themes, or the same themes over and over, so too does life?

Anyway; suddenly the words seem possible again, I am a word-artist, a story-sculptor, why do I always seem to forget this and think that I should be something else? That's the impressionable nature of my self.

So current writing projects include: too many to mention until they are done, I get superstitious even talking about it all just in case it never works out. The flipside is, of course, if you make your projects known, then it pushes you to finish them. Let's just say that suddenly stories are becoming much more visual to me, maybe I'll take some sort of design class, something I've never considered until I couple of months ago. Design is something I know nothing about...shapes and colours, light and shadow, texture...alright I know a little bit from all of my film study, but it would be cool to learn a little bit.

A call to the S-bird if she reads this and any design-type book come to mind? This is a very broad request, I realise, but whatever strikes you.

Some films to consider:

Lynne Ramsay's "Ratcatcher", it's soooooooooo beautiful

and something not necessarily the world's best film, but if you're feeling dreamy, lost and feminine "Summersault" an australian film.

I'm drinking KOMBUCHA! Damn I love that stuff

I road my bike all over today, and am now going to look up a recipe for peanut sauce

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