bellanova (nova21) wrote,

it's been a long long while in the snow

This whole time...this entire time, I've been here, in Vancouver, doubling my sweaters and wearing my tuque with the sparkly pink and purple pom-pom on my frozen way to my first 9-5 job. And I swear, Stanley Park in the snow is a fairy tale come to life. Gigantic trees in white. Sigh. Like any German fairy tale you ever imagined, like the Nutcracker was going to dance you to the Sugar Plum Fairy's palace right there and then.

And in a week I am off. To Seattle. Another city of my heart that I haven't seen in a couple of years. I'm going to go to the market, and the university, and drop in on my old landlord, and puruse the gorgeous downtown and hang out with all the old friends who were fellow celebrators at the winyls (wine and records = winyl). I HEART THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST IN A BIG WAY. And yet I am half a south-wester now. This is what I plan to do - but who knows...

Oh, and my southwestern self can indeed confirm that YES, Kimmy(ie) and Leanna, the lady that I saw at the Grove in LA was Gwen Stephanie (I saw this old paparazzi pic of her in the exact same dress, with the exact same ultra-blonde hairdo, and the exact baby sleeping on her shoulder).

I am sitting alone, for once, in the home of my adopted Vancouver family, who has graciously let me live with them while I hang out in Canada.

I have just eaten a delicious and huge raw kale salad. My body thanks me.

In other news, there is little news, my mind feels sometimes like outer space, and I love this. I poke at my Russian. Mir is the Russian word for peace (though in cyrilic it looks cooler). I am reading "Snow" by Orhan Pamuk, a Turkish novle so beautiful a paragraph describing a man standing at the edge of a street in a country he has not seen in fourteen years made my eyes spill over. I met a man who speaks five languages and escaped the Algerian civil war as a stow away to Spain on his brother's boat. The world is miraculous. And like Ivo Andric (great Yugoslav writer, Bosnian? Serbian? Forgive me, I forget) but as Ivo Andric says "We are all witnesses to one another's stories". Yes. Let's look at life like that.

What a healthy life is made of for Nova:
eating greens
play with words
learning new words in different languages (Russian yes. German, Greek, Turkish? Oh the abundance)

Oooooh, and le Christmas giving must begin! Indeed.

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